49 Adorable Master Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

If you are planning to remodel your master bathroom, make a thorough inventory of your bathroom’s layout and decor. From there you...

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Adorable master bathroom shower remodel ideas 46

If you are planning to remodel your master bathroom, make a thorough inventory of your bathroom’s layout and decor. From there you can determine your budget, whether you need to add more space, relocate a wall or small addition, and what items to replace, tub, shower, vanity, countertops, etc. Your master bathroom could be starved for natural light as well. Adding 2’x 2’or 2’x 4′ skylights and a few 1′ x1′ bullet windows can make a world of difference.

If you have decided to renovate your entire master bathroom, then your shower is a good beginning. Enhance your master shower by adding some custom features like dual temperature controls, body sprays, a rain dome or a steamer can turn your master shower into your own private spa. Once you have experienced these features in your shower you will find it to be a wonderful way to begin and end every day.

When you are researching for new master shower fixtures, try to find some of the less expensive brands on the market, such as Moen & Delta, they will offer you the same benefits as the more expensive brands and allow you to budget for additional items you may want, such as a frameless shower enclosure with a pivot transom.

Consider incorporating some convenient features in your shower, like installing a bench, built-in shampoo niches and tiling the ceiling to giving your shower a finished, custom look. The use of glass block as a partition wall is a great way to add natural light and privacy to your shower, as well as giving your master bathroom a touch of sophistication

When selecting a new decor for your master bathroom, tile selections for your bathroom floor can be your biggest challenge. There are many different types, styles and sizes, so choose your colors, patterns, as well as your grout color that will create a smooth transition throughout your entire bathroom. If your master bathroom is tight on space or narrow, consider rectangular or elongated diamond shapes, running the length of the room, will give you a stunning design, and keep your bathroom from looking too busy.

Travertine, polished limestone and marble are still a very popular tile because of their soft and neutral tones. Arranged in a rectangular, square, or brick pattern and a tight grout line, is a very attractive style you may want to consider. Give your master bathroom a little pizzazz by adding small polished stones, mosaic or glass tile as an accent. Creating medallions, using different shades or finishes is an excellent way to bring your cabinet, countertop and paint colors together. A tile wainscot is also becoming very popular with many homeowners, incorporating your floor designs onto to your walls and carrying that pattern throughout your shower walls, tub surround & deck.

Be sure to finalize your tile design by arranging your patterns, including your grout color and width, on the bathroom floor and shower area. This will give you a good visualization of your project, determine where the short “cuts” in your tile will be, and allow you time to consider any changes you may want to make. Remember to seal your new grout and upgrade your shower floor pan and walls with the latest “water proof” underlayment and sub-strait systems. This will insure against leaking and provide a lasting job for years to come.

If you are considering updating your tub, many manufactures are offering new and exciting products. You can replace your outdated built-in garden tub with a more efficient and modern design such as the ones offered by Moen or Jacuzzi. A new tub style may also allow you to redesign your tub deck, creating a more spacious feel in your master bathroom. A claw foot soaker is another great option, eliminating the need for a tub deck altogether, and giving your bathroom a roomy, elegant decor.

Your vanity and countertop is also a very important feature of your master bathroom. With many different combinations, it allows you to showcase your vanity as a beautiful enhancement to your bathroom’s decor. You can maximize your wall space with a traditional built-in and dressing table combination, or vanities separated by a linen cabinet, (doors below & open shelves above) will give you a, his and hers look, as well as offering you additional storage and countless decorating ideas. Many home owners are stepping away from the norm and looking towards traditional or antique furniture to convert into vanities. If your counter space permits, tall & slender glass front cologne cabinets on top of the counter will create a marvelous custom look.

Compliment the look of your vanity with a marble, engineered quartz or unmistakable granite countertop. Add a little flair with a custom chiseled or wide bull nose edge. Finalize your design with a unique vessel or porcelain sink and reduced version of your tile design as your backsplash. Make sure to select your sinks and faucets at the same time, this will ensure each will work beautifully together on your new countertop.


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