48 Relaxing Black And White Apartment Décor Ideas

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Relaxing black and white apartment décor ideas 44

Modern home decor is forever changing and then going back to where it once was. This cycle has been going on for many years, what is ‘in’ one year is out the next and so on. What has always been popular and fashionable is black and white. Modern home decor is usually something funky, boundary pushing, but many revert to using black and white. This contrast of light and dark, the two colors at the opposite ends of the light spectrum, strangely go together. For centuries, they have been combined and continue to do so, in perfect harmony.

Where is Best to Use Black and White Home Decor?
Anywhere is great. It seems like a sweeping statement, but kitchens look great as a black floor can make the white kitchen surfaces look even brighter and cleaner. In your bedroom, dark furniture won’t catch the light from outside and won’t reflect the morning sunrise. In bathrooms, a black and white checked floor has always been classed a modern home decor and as a result it looks great too.

Graphical Backgrounds
If you really want to push the boat out, create a symphony of color with black and white. Being brave with modern home decor will set your home apart from others and show you personality through decoration. Having a black and white base on the walls, whether it is striped or block colors on alternating walls, you will have a great mix of felling. The dark walls will give a sense of the walls feeling narrower, but the white walls, will reflect light and give that space back.

Typically, black and white marble is known as being one of the most luxurious materials you can have in your home. Whether it work-tops or bathrooms, the sleek lines give a very cool look.