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40 Cute Girly Apartment Décor Ideas

Needs of one person in the apartment is certainly different from the needs and habits of one family. Therefore, the dwellings inhabited...

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Needs of one person in the apartment is certainly different from the needs and habits of one family. Therefore, the dwellings inhabited by one person is usually more attractive than the others. The concept of housing generally consists of living room with wardrobe and “open space” living room with kitchen and dining room. In this case, there are few restrictions and are therefore obtained several solutions for the organization of space at will.

The apartment is on the structure of two bedrooms and the unilaterally oriented. In the central part of the apartment is the kitchen, which separates the bedroom from the living room. Re-appropriation of space and small interventions partition or open space are obtained by the three solutions.

Since it is a female person and another proposal offers a separate dressing room, in this case, dislocated from the bedroom. The advantage of this wardrobe is what lies at the entrance to the apartment and access to her apartment in the middle part that connects all the spaces. And in this case retains the dimensions of the bedrooms where there is a small built-in closet.

Living room, kitchen and dining room in this case were merged. Merging the original kitchen and dining room would end up with bigger kitchen. Between the kitchen and living room to find the dining table that made the boundary between these two areas.

The concept of the third proposal would be open to maximize space. By moving the wall in the bedroom to the existing kitchen would end up with bigger bedroom with a small closet. The advantage of this intervention would be unimpeded access to the French bed. In the first two cases was not possible.

As in the second case the existing kitchen and dining room would be merged to form larger kitchen. Between the living room and kitchen would be a bar that could be used for dining one or two people. Dining table, if necessary, would be in the living room. In all three proposed solutions is no lack of comfort because it is an apartment for one person.

You should always keep in mind that larger sized furniture visual strain space and is always afraid of smaller sized furniture selection. French bed in the bedroom should not be larger than the dimensions of 160 x 200. As the two proposed solutions double bed beneath the window it is desirable to separate it from the window by placing a book with a lamp or a mask to a radiator that would have a dual function.


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