47 Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity Mirror Design Ideas

1 min read

Just because most bathroom vanity mirrors tend to be rectangular and simplistic, doesn’t mean that you can’t bump up the look of your bathroom with a simple, decorative bathroom vanity mirror. When it comes to bathroom mirrors, you can either be simplistic or awe-inspiring-the choice is yours. By visiting your local hardware store to look at mirrored medicine cabinets and decorative-edged mirrors, you will see that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the look you are wanting to obtain in your own bathroom.

A trip to the discount store or hardware store will quickly give you ideas as to how to utilize a mirrored area above your sink and bathroom cabinets to accentuate any design and décor you already have in place in your washroom. You’ll want to make sure that any bathroom vanity mirror that you invest in matches the look and feel you have in your bathroom already. You wouldn’t want to put a clean-lined, modern mirror above a decorative, Victorian-style sink and cabinet, just as you wouldn’t want to put an intricately framed mirror above a contemporary-styled sink and faucet set. Make sure the look you are going for matches your existing décor and design.

In addition to bathroom vanity mirrors placed above your sink and cabinets, you can also go for a floor length mirror that stands up perhaps in a corner, and gives your guests the ability to dress in your washroom as well, or you could even go for a large wall mirror elsewhere in the bathroom to create the illusion of more space and luxury.

No matter what your goal is in your home, you’ll always want it to look beautiful for not only you and your family but for guests that are visiting your house. A beautiful bathroom area can set the pace for anyone’s day, and by giving your guests and your family a feeling of luxury in the bathroom in the morning, you are setting them up for having a wonderful, relaxing day. A simple way to achieve this feeling and look for your home is by adding a luxurious bathroom vanity mirror in your washroom for all to enjoy!