43 Cozy Minimalist Bedroom Design Trends Ideas

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The design of bedroom furniture has come a long way from the classic large wood beds and the intricately decorated models typical for the 90’s. Now designers are inspired by exotic cultures and the natural world. What has come out of this? You will find extremely elegant, sophisticated and functional furniture for this room of the house.


This is the major trend in the design of bedroom furniture. It is characterized by clean-cut smooth lines and geometric shapes. The elegance comes from the simplicity.

The low-slung platform beds create a natural harmony in the room. There are models that have legs, but these are successfully “hidden” further away from the edges so that the bed appears to be floating in the room. The fact that beds have minimalistic designs does not mean that they are not functional. Quite the opposite, there are many models that come with storage drawers underneath.

The bedside tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes are also based on the idea of minimalism that rules over the design of bedroom furniture. You will find pieces with elegant straight lines and without any decorative ornaments whatsoever. The designers’ purpose is for the decorative accent to come from the actual design and shape. For instance, you may find a bedside table that has the same design as a traditional picnic table. The bedroom piece is much smaller and lower, of course.

Inspired by the Natural

The design of modern bedroom furniture is based on natural forms, materials and colours. Many of the decorative items such as lamps and vases take natural forms. For instance, you can find a bedside table lamp with a stand in the form of a stylized palm tree trunk.

Natural materials are primarily used by designers. Wood is the preferred choice for beds and all kinds of storage furniture. Leather is another material that is becoming more widely used. Natural leather brings incomparable softness, cosiness and elegance. Glossy metals are primarily used for accenting the different pieces. These materials are typically used for legs, handles and lamp bases and stands.

The colours in the bedroom have to be natural as well. Earth colours such as beige, brown, pistachio and turquoise are among the favourite options. Black, white and grey in various combinations give sophistication to any bedroom. More cheerful pastel colours can be added with the small decorations such as cushions and vases.


This is an important trend in the design of bedroom furniture. The pieces are never bulky and massive. They are as elegant as possible. Keep the idea of spaciousness in mind when furnishing this room of the house.