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41 Genius Dorm Room Space Saving Storage Ideas

The usual dorm room looks boring and plain, till you decide to decorate it with some pizzazz. You can hang canvas wall...

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Genius dorm room space saving storage ideas 33

The usual dorm room looks boring and plain, till you decide to decorate it with some pizzazz. You can hang canvas wall art and place little nick-nacks on shelves. A dorm room is very easy and cheap to decorate since it only consists of one small room.

You can make your dorm room more livable by furnishing it with some small things you have at home. Ask your mom to lend you some basic furniture for the duration of your stay at the dorm.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your dorm room cheaply and make it feel homey:

1. Bring in a piece of your home into your dorm such as a nice comfy chair where you can spend hours reading. Don’t forget to bring a couple of throw pillows that match the chair upholstery. Bring in a small table to match with your chair. You can place some magazines and a table lamp on the table.

2. Get some fresh linen for your bed to add a cheerful touch to your new room. Don’t forget to get a warm comforter for cold nights. Bring in extra pillows to prop you up in bed when you burn the midnight oil studying for exams.

3. Decorate your dorm room with a nice potted plant or hang a small canvas wall art to add some flair to your dorm room. You can also decorate your room with contemporary hanging lights. Bring in some picture frames of family members to remind you of your loved ones.

4. Get storage cabinets or shelves for books and papers. Buy small filing bins to keep your school work organized. A nice dual-purpose ottoman can add more storage space plus an extra seat for friends. You can also prop up your feet on the ottoman when you are tired.

5. Dorm rooms are small but you can make it look bigger by hanging floor to ceiling curtains. Another good space-saving tip is to get vertical cabinets or shelves. Paint a couple of horizontal stripes along the middle of your walls to make the room look wider. You can use wall decals if you can’t paint your walls.

6. A nice corner study table will also save space. Make sure your study table has enough storage space for school supplies, sufficient table top space for more than one open book and a laptop. Instead of a floor lamp, try a clip on study lamp with a flexible arm.

These simple additions to your dorm room will not cost you an arm and a leg but will make your dorm room more functional and cozy. Be sure to take measurements first before buying decorations like canvas wall art or before getting furniture like a study desk.

Install more than one source of light such as a bright light for studying and a second dim light for relaxation. Find cheap stuff from online stores and have them delivered to your dorm instead of picking them up at a store.


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