46 Impressive Chairs Design Ideas For Living Room

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There are plenty of chair rail ideas for decorative purposes. More than just horizontal strips of wood, chair rails have become an important part of a room’s overall design and feel over the last few years. If you are remodeling or building a home, consider the following ideas for its design.

The good news is that the designs currently available cater to a wide variety of styles. From classic to kitsch chair molding, you will be able to decorate your home in virtually any way you want. This adds an extra element in the room which fits your decorating goals.

Chair rail ideas may seem grand but they trace to more humble beginnings. These were first mounted on walls to protect them from damage against chairs and other pieces of furniture. As such, they serve a practical and necessary function. Some designs still retain this idea to this day.

As for its width, chair molding should be kept at a practical measurement. It should be in line with your design goals and should take its proportion to the room in consideration. It is simply too tacky for a small room to take in a broad chair rail. The same thing can be said with a large room paired with a chair molding too small.

In other words, all chair rail ideas you are exploring should bear in mind the room where they are intended to go. Designs may clash resulting in something that does not look good at all. For this reason, you might want to see what the final product would look like before finalizing your decision.

The simple designs truly live up to their name. These chair rails consist of plain moldings with rounded edges. This creates a rather Spartan look but it does work well in creating a subtle appeal. These kinds of designs are the prime choice for homes going for a modern look.

Of course there are still chair molding ideas that are a bit more elaborate. Complex curves and fancy moldings distinguish these designs from rest of the pack. With such features, one can help but picture a scene of luxury and awe. Texture is provided by such elements as embossing and engravings.

Other design elements that make chair molding exciting are colors and patterns. The most common set-up involves chair molding being painted a different color from the wall. This creates a contrasting nature which works well depending on the overall design.

For instance, a dark green wall could be paired with a chair rail painted in white. The wall and the chair molding may also share a color in the same hue (tint) but in different intensities. This is by far one of the most common chair rail ideas although they produce a stunning effect.

For more chair rail ideas, you can always ask the experts for their opinion. Finish carpenters and interior designers might have an advice or two for you. Otherwise, you can always search the internet for fresh design ideas.


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