20+ Indoor Plant Circular Leaves

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Hibiscus is a stunning plant that adapts well to the right indoor environment. If need be you can prune back the tops of the tallest stems to encourage fuller bushier growth.

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If you want a plant that combines looks and utility the Eucalyptus is the one for you.

Indoor plant circular leaves. It also thrives with average indoor temperatures and. Closely related to philodendron pothos adapts well to both bright conditions as well as low light. Also known as schefflera umbrella plants drooping leaflets arranged in a circle around a central stem look a lot like its namesake.

Its also one of the top indoor plants that clean the air. You can crack open the leaves for use as a soothing topical agent for your skin. Most indoor plants have heart-shaped elongated or even blade-like leaves and few have perfectly round leaves.

The plant likes things on the dry side and should be watered only when the top surface of the soil is dry. Kalanchoes are beautiful succulent plants with flat green leaves and small pretty flowers. Like the Arabian Jasmine the Eucalyptus is a multi-talented performer.

Also called sweetheart vine rosary vine or chain of hearts this plant is also a type of vining succulent. Clivia needs bright indirect light and cooler temps to trigger flower production. Its large flowers last only a few days but it typically stays in bloom from spring to fall and it lives for several.

English ivy Hedera helix Canary Island ivy Hedera canariensis Chestnut vine Tetrastigma voinierianum. This gorgeous and unusual-looking plant has bluish-grey round leaves and offers a beautiful display. To enjoy the fascinating colors on the delicate leaves place the.

While indoor specimens dont typically flower this plant can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors. Native to Madagascar this plant is known by other names like the crown of thorns and christ thorn. With its heart-shaped apple green leaves splotched in white pothos makes an attractive indoor plant.

It is a perennial shrub with green leaves and pretty. Pilea peperomioides commonly known as. They can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and add a colorful hue to your garden.

String-of-hearts is another indoor trailing plant with dainty thread-like stems and heart-shaped leaves. If youre trying to identify a houseplant with round leaves youll need to look at its other characteristics such as the color of the leaves the plants growth habit its height and width and the flower shape and color. For trellises or spindles you can plant.

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