Modern Living Room Ideas With Purple Color Schemes40
Modern Living Room Ideas With Purple Color Schemes40

44 Modern Living Room Ideas With Purple Color Schemes

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One of the biggest secrets in living room decoration deals with the colors used to decorate our living room. Why is this? Well think about it this way, if we want to create a very peace and harmony environment in our living room, we won’t go for black or dark color, instead we would select color like blue or green. What I’m trying to say is we are dealing with psychology of colors and ultimately they decide everything.

Psychology behind colors do exist, and they are effecting our mood and emotion every moment. Studies has proven that every color has its own meanings and bring different reactions whether physical, emotional or cultural.

How color reacts in physical? Green color is considered as calming and relaxing color so we can regenerate our energy after our whole day stressing work.

How color reacts in emotional? Blue color gives a peaceful feeling but varying shades of blue can just produce a cold and depressing environment.

How color reacts cultural? Red is used in celebration in China and it stand for good luck but it stand for purity in India.

Psychology of colors not only apply in living room theme color but also apply in any accessories and furniture purchased. With different color of accessories, it could just change the feel of the living room 180 degree.

So when we come into the topic of how to decorate a living room, we have to pay good attention to color selection in order to create an environment we want. Seriously, if we did not pay attention to colors, we may or may not created an environment that even ourselves would not stay longer than 5 minutes. We would want to avoid this to happen.

Although colors have different meanings but the meanings and descriptions for each color below tend to remain consistent.

White, the color of innocence, purity, holiness, cleanliness and projects neutrality. We can see this color all over hospital, and is also popular for many weddings.

Gray, a compromising color sitting between black and white, communicating knowledge and wisdom. It is considered to be a classic color.

Red, considered to be the most emotional and stimulating color, associated with love, alert, danger, and stimulate strength and vitality.

Pink, is very similar to red color but it is not as aggressive as red. It considered to evoke fun, youthfulness, passion and sensuality. Besides, it is lover’s favor as it communicate happiness and romance.

Blue, one of the popular color as we can see this color often. It is the color of ocean or sky and was associated with peace, trust, loyalty, confidence, cold. It can be used to slow down pulse rate or lower body temperature.

Green, also one of the popular color, it symbolize nature, ecology, health and known to be calming and relaxing which will create a healing force.

Yellow, communicates warmth and happiness. It can be used to enhance memory and concentration.

Purple, usually associated with royalty and wealth. It also communicates romance, passion. It symbolize magic and mystery. Most children love the color purple.

Orange, is one of the healing color, it stimulate a person appetite and creativity.

Black, is a power color, evokes strong emotion. It symbolize death or evil in some cultures.

Colors play a major role in living room decoration as they either make our living room a beautiful place for us to enjoy staying or none would like to stay any longer. Besides of all the tips on how to decorate a living room, we should never forget about colors selection. Pick colors carefully as to how we want our guests to react. The wrong color will always detract our guests from enjoying their stay.


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