42 Lovely Window Design Ideas With Vase Flower Ornament

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Lovely window design ideas with vase flower ornament39

If you’re home is compact or you live in a flat or apartment and you’re considering getting a tall vase then you might like to read the following before you take the plunge. They are are very popular these days and sometimes it seem that everyone has one and that can make you feel a bit left out and that you are missing out on a modern fashion trend in home furnishings. Before you jump in and just buy one however there are a few things that you need to consider.

The first thing to remember is that a tall vase is by definition tall, this may seem obvious but many people don’t understand the implications of this fact. What this ultimately means is that they must stand on the floor, they are simply too high to stand on window sills, tables or any of the other places where you would normally display ornaments. And that’s before you decide to display any flowers in the vase, and isn’t that why most of us to choose to use vases? Flowers can add up to 40cm to the height of a tall vase and that makes it difficult to display anywhere but on the floor. So if you’ve got limited floor space and you’re thinking about getting a tall vase then maybe you could throttle back on your aspirations.

The second point is slightly less obvious but easily as significant and that is the feeling of dominance that a tall vase can create in a room, this generally isn’t a problem in larger rooms where there are usually other large pieces of furniture like a piano or a table to keep the vase in its place. But in smaller rooms, without the balancing effect of other big pieces the vase will dominate the look and feel of the room in a way that’s hard to imagine without experiencing it. So once again if you’ve got smaller rooms and are thinking about getting a large vase then seriously consider before making that purchase.

That said I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy whichever vase that you like, it is after all, a personal choice and one that you’ll need to live with. Just be aware of the advice above and give it serious consideration before making that final decision. Of course in the setting and the right size display area a tall vase can be simply stunning, so if you’re convinced that yours will then just go for it.


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