44 Brilliant French Country Garden Décor Ideas

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You can easily and affordably create a romantic French countryside environment in your home using a little creativity and an assortment of readily available French home accessories. It is possible to recreate the ambience and warmth of a rural French cottage without having to buy expensive furniture and accessories from France. Neither do you have to deplete your savings to bring a semblance of Provence into your home. The process of filling your home with French country décor is as easy as browsing online for some basic ideas on how real French cottages look like and using a little creativity to transform your home accordingly.

Your aim should be to create an overall French feel in your home rather than strive to refurnish your home with items imported from France. French country style is basically rustic and can be achieved using wrought iron, rough wood, and plaster finishes. The floor in this style is usually covered with old wood or stone tiles. Aim for evocative colors similar to what you would see in a countryside walk. Use plenty of bright blue and green colors with a touch of warm butter yellow and neutral earth tones. You can enhance this look with hand painted French tableware. You can find a wide variety of hand made French home accessories such as ceramic kitchenware in one of the many flea and yard markets near you. Unique accessories like ceramic Provencal teapots, coffee cups, and crockery combined with French garden pots and planters in your garden can add a touch of Provence in your home. The wall colors you choose to give your home a French feel should be natural cornflower blue or mustard yellow. Use lighter tones for the kitchen and living room. You can further get the look of an old French farm house using aged wall treatment or plaster.

If you have an ideal set of furniture, age them with spray on rust treatment you can find in most home improvement stores. Iron towel racks and planters in the bathroom will create a perfect French countryside look. If you find an iron chandelier, set it up your dining room to finish off the French country décor touch.

The task of transforming your home into a French countryside cottage will not be done until you have lined your tables with real French tablecloths. Genuine Provencal tablecloths are available in some specific boutiques you can easily find online. Buy from a boutique that specializes in French table cloths made from 100% cotton and preferably made in Provence, not some Chinese knock-off. You can choose from a wide range of Provencal tablecloths including the Anais, Tropez, Fayence tablecloths or even the Avignon bordered type. With Provencal table cloths, your kitchen and dining room will have that desired French country look.