45 Cool Electric Fireplace Designs Ideas For Living Room

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There is nothing better than snuggling up on a cold winter’s night with a blanket, some hot cocoa, and a good book. Lighting a fire in the fireplace makes the experience even better but this can be a time-consuming task. Logs must be placed into the basket and lit until they are hot enough to generate flames. Rather than spending the time and attention required by this task, electric fireplace heaters can be used.

A small electric fireplace or electric stove can be added to a bedroom or den to provide the area with warmth and a realistic looking flame. In most cases, the unit will require only minimal assembly after being removed from the box. Some products are shipped in one box, fully assembled, requiring no assembly. After the item is removed from its packaging, it is plugged into the wall and is then ready for use.

In larger rooms, a larger free-standing electric fireplace will provide enough heat to make the entire area cozy. The more powerful electric fireplace heater included in these units makes it possible to turn down the heat in the room and use the fireplace as the main source. The thermostat usually permits at least one temperature level adjustment, allowing the owner to get enough heat to be comfortable while sitting in the room.

A wall mount electric fireplace tends to be more modern in appearance. Its sleek styling and slim profile make it suitable for minimalist homes and the included features like multi-colored or changing color flames add to the uniqueness. The unit must be mounted onto the wall using a bracket, which makes it a bit more permanent than floor models. However, the bracket can always be removed from the wall and installed elsewhere, if necessary.

Aside from the strength of the heater, shoppers should identify the size and style of the item. Some free-standing models fit along a flat wall, while others are designed for the corner of the room. Wood finishes are most common and may either be stained or painted, making it possible to find a style that fits the colors and décor within the room. Other distinctions include the style and color of the trim surrounding the log insert and whether the glass front is stationary or operable.

Logs are included with some models, while a very cheap electric fireplace often requires that the logs be purchased separately. It may surprise some people to know that even the log and flame styles vary between models, so these are other aspects to be considered. There are many choices and it is important to understand exactly what to look for so the correct purchase can be made.

Electric fireplace heaters add warmth to any room and do so without the mess and time required to operate a wood burning fireplace. Smaller units are suitable for a den, office, or bedroom, while a larger model will adequately heat a large living room or even a dining room. The selection is wide so individuals considering this purchase should take the various features into account.


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