41 Fabulous Vintage Fireplace Design Ideas

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Installing beautiful fireplaces in homes remain to be popular among homeowners who are into remodeling or construction of new ones. There is something magical in the structure of fireplaces. They can make a home cozy and warm. When it comes to fireplace designs, there are a lot of choices available. You need to consider many things before making the final decision. Your budget range will determine how simple or elaborate the design of the fireplace can be. Where you intend to put it, the space available and the appropriate size are also important factors. The fuel you intend to use, natural wood, gas, propane or electricity can also affect the project cost and determine the kind of design.

For your fireplace designs, you can visit many online websites. There you will find photos and videos of different brands, types, and styles of fireplaces, its accessories, tools, and accents. You will be able to compare their features and prices. Based on your search, you will be able to formulate a plan whether to customize your own design or to order prefabricated units. Additional sources for fireplace design ideas are magazines, construction books, manufacturer’s show room and home improvement stores. You can also visit houses with fireplaces of your friends and neighbors.

One elegant but pricey type is a marble designed fireplace. It can blend in any type of setting. There are many styles, color and shades. You can incorporate it with the traditional wooden burning fireplace. It can be customized with classic hand carved designs for the fireplace mantel or frame to create a unique and distinctive look. A marble designed fireplace can fit the living room, bedroom, dining room, den, outdoor garden or patio.

Another popular design is the portable free standing fireplace. This unconventional design can project a modern look and cozy ambiance to blend with your other interior furnishings. This suspended design can be a focal center in your home. It is a space saver and can be installed anywhere it is suitable. You can install a corner free standing unit with glass cover or screens. They come in a variety of contemporary designs and futuristic shapes. You can opt for whatever finish will harmonize with the room. One more portable design is the ventless designed fireplace. They use non-toxic gel fuel. The environmentally friendly usage of clean burning fuel in ventless fireplace is the reason this design is in demand these days. There are many other design options to choose from. Various fireplace design ideas which are simple or elaborate are accessible at your fingertips.

If your architectural theme is the antique or vintage look, you can opt for an art deco design fireplace. The design has lovely patterns with radiant colors. You can choose your own shape, style and size. You can use porcelain, glass, ceramic, terra cota and other material. Another popular design is the stone fireplace design which is versatile. It can look traditional or modern. You can build one for indoor or outdoor. The hearth and the outside portion of the fireplace can be made totally of stones. Another model that has been around for centuries is the brick designed fireplace. It has come a long way and there are many variations of designs to create the type of look and mood that fits your taste.

When it comes to finding fireplace design ideas, another source are the fireplace designers and builders in your local area. You can visit them and view their photo and video galleries. You can also ask for references of fireplaces they have already built. Request permission from the homeowner for a visit to check on the artistry, quality and craftsmanship of the designer / contractor. Whatever kind of fireplace design you pick, consider all aspects not only the aesthetic appeal but include the safety features. It should be a design that you and your family will love and adore for many years to come.


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