44 Modern Small Backyard Ideas With Swimming Pool Design

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During the warmer months, many people find it very relaxing to spend time outside, especially when they can enjoy a lovely view. When you look at the cover of many home and garden magazines, you will often see swimming pools being featured surrounded by lush colorful landscaping. Many people can only dream of owning a beautiful backyard with a refreshing pool.

If you are one of the fortunate ones who have their own pools, you can fulfill your dream of landscaping the area around yours beautifully. You can create an appealing pool area using various designs, according to your preferences and the layouts of your home and pool. And, this is all quite feasible in any of a wide assortment of locales and climates.

In advance of either going to the store or employing a landscaper, you must keep a few items in mind. You should think about the weather where you live, how much you can afford to spend, how many hours you want to put into gardening, and particular problems your plantings might come up against in your garden area. You have to analyze the type of earth there, figure out the amount of breeze, sunshine and shade the plantings will be likely to get, and assess your time and energy capabilities with regard to watering.

Books and magazines about pools and gardens are excellent places to get ideas about swimming pool landscape possibilities. They provide different tips for different parts of the country, based on their climate. You need to be careful to avoid buying plants that cannot survive winter in your region. These resources will also tell you how big plants will be when they mature and how to care for the plants that you buy. There are also many good websites that have ideas and information that can help you.

Landscaping is something that can be done even with a limited budget. Beginning with a few flowering bushes or a small tree and, as your budget allows, you can add on more interesting vegetation. Keep track of your purchases since most large outlet stores and garden centers typically provide a one year warranty on your plants.

You can hire a highly regarded landscape professional if poolscape design sounds like more work than you would like to take on yourself. An educated poolscape professional can simply work with your tastes and budget to help you create your swimming pool landscape dream come true. With planning, effort and money an enchanting pool area can be a reasonable investment that will provide you with many years of delight.


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